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Colleen Hoover’s Hopeless, Losing Hope, and Finding Cinderella

These were the first books I read by Colleen Hoover and WOW! I now want to read everything written by her, even her grocery list. Hopeless is Sky’s point of view of the story, Losing Hope is Holder’s point of view or the same story and Finding Cinderella is Daniel’s, Holder’s best friend, story.

First let me tell you about Hopeless and Losing Hope. While they are the same story, the different point of views are awesome to be able to see what each character goes through. When you are reading Hopeless and Losing Hope you are sucked into the characters world and really feel what they are going through. As a mom myself I would love to not allow modern technology into my children’s life the way Sky is raised. (My kids and husband would not be happy about it at all!) I think this is what makes Sky’s and Holder’s relationship so perfect. It’s not jaded by modern technology and gossip. Sky has also been home schooled her whole life and convinces her mom to let her attend public school for her senior year before she goes to college and faces the real world. Sky is a little lost but not concerned with what others think and fast makes friends with what are considered the outsiders. Holder has major self and family ‘issues’ (I don’t like this word to describe what Holder goes through because it is SO much more than an issue, but for lack of a better word for now issues will have to do) and at first thinks Sky will help them. Then he wishes for her to not be the answer for the issues. Sky and Holder take you on an emotional roller coaster ride that even though you don’t want to read the same story twice you NEED to know what was going through Holder’s head the whole time. Holder has such commitment to those close in his life you instantly love his character.  The literal jaw dropping moment in the book almost constitutes this book as a freezer book and have a box of tissues nearby!

Finding Cinderella takes place sort of during and after Hopeless and Losing Hope. Daniel is Holder’s best friend and you get to see him in a jovial way. Daniel and his family make me laugh and I can only hope my son thinks we are this comedic when he is a teenager and dating.  He for the most is going through high school like any one testing the waters. When he meets Sky’s best friend, Six and warned to stay away he can’t help but ask her out. I love the way Daniel and Six interact and make you smile through the whole book. Yes there is the turning point with the audible gasp and hand covering your mouth and saying how did that just happen, but there are more laughs in this book than gasp. My favorite part comes after the audible gasp and hand over mouth moment, in the cafeteria. (I do not want to give any spoilers away but this part and how Daniel and Sky react is my favorite). This book is free in Ebook edition and is how I was introduced to Colleen Hoover’s amazing writing and Sky and Holder’s story. But if you find yourself a copy in print grab it!! There is an epilogue at the end that ties up all three stories a and is worth adding it to your book shelf!!

***Colleen Hoover just posted this amazing 5000 word epilogue is available on wattpad now!!***

If you have not been introduced to Colleen Hoover and her wonderful words then pick up these three books and enjoy the ride!