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Hey guys I hope everyone has had a wonderful Friday so far. Mines been pretty good. Finished reading one book this morning and then started reading Legacy. I’m reading it as if someone else wrote it. Lol. We’re still working on edits and while my editor has it with the latest round I wanted to detached myself from it & read it that way. So far so good.

I know NPM is reading an ARC for her next review. I hope you guys are enjoying her reviews as much as I am. I must say it’s been wonderful having NPM help with reviews, I’m glad she finally took me up on the offer to write them. 😉

I’m sorry you’re not getting reviews from both of us. I am reading & listening to books I just haven’t had time to write any reviews with all the editing going on. So far I’ve listened to Deborah Harkness’s final installment Book of Life. Loved it. Wish we had more coming I’m going to miss  Matthew & Diana’s adventures along with the rest of the Bishop/de Clermont family. I’ve gotten into Gina Maxwell, L.A. Fiore, Kylie Scott,  Tessa Bailey,  Samanthe Beck, Jennifer Armentrout, Alice Clayton,  & Kimberly Frost.

I listened to Chloe Neill’s latest Blood Games and loved it & just finished Kimberly Frost’s series it’s a wickedly wonderful series about a half witch half fae kick ass chick from TX. It’s a must read series. Actually all of them are and yes the majority are romance writers. They’ve been getting ideas for Calla’s kitchen (or whatever I decide to call it) and boy are they giving me ideas. 😉

So what are you reading? 

Have a wicked good night & weekend.