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Hey guys I wanted to introduced my sil (sister in law) SS. Yes right now she is going by her initials. My idea since I asked her if she’d like to put all her reading to use. Thankfully she said yes and now she going to be doing some reviews for us.

SS is one of Flyboy sisters. Her hobbies include reading and running (she runs a lot). She has the awesome job of taking care & raising Princess and the Ninja (two of the 13 nieces & nephews I  have). Overall they are her favorite hobby! The things the come up with are wicked and now she can’t blame uncle Flyboy.  😉

SS and I don’t read a lot of the same authors, so over the next few weeks I’ll add two new pages. One will be where you can find all her reviews besides the main page and one that list all her favorite authors.  To give you an some insight on her reading habits here are a few of her  favorite authors:  Abbi Glines, Stephenie Meyer, Jamie McQuire, Colleen Hoover, Amy Noelle and many more!!

So please give SS a wickedly awesome welcome.