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So tonight I got to go out with the girls from Flyboy’s squadron. It was fun and I got to meet an aspiring author Anna Smith you guys can check her out at http://scenesfromsmithpark.blogspot.com/. She’s pretty laid back and I think you guys will enjoy reading what she has to say.

Before heading out with the girls and the headache I had to contend with I finished chapter six in Bloodties, on to chapter seven. I’ve introduced two new characters that had been in Legacy until I cut the chapters, I really didn’t think I’d be bringing them into Bloodties but they decided they needed to make an appearance. I’m not sure how long their be here and I’m not sure what the Foster House will do to them yet but I’m sure its going to be fun learning what it has in store for them. So far no one has died in Bloodties but maybe someone will. My wicked mind has been turning its wheels on what evil plot will awaken Alexis and the gang protecting her. I think Bloodties is going to be one hell of a ride as I move forward.

Tomorrow be on the lookout for Laura Kaye’s cover reveal for Hard To Come By it’s book three in her Hard Ink Series. I must say since I’ve been re-listening to the series I have some new ideas on the story line so I can’t wait to learn more on August 19 when Hard To Hold On To (EZ’s story) comes out and then November 25th when Hard To Come By (Derek’s story)  comes out.

Also while I have you guys here you should check out Jay Crownover and her Marked Men Series. It’s a little different then what I have been going for while reading the romances but I’ve been enjoying it. I think because of the tats, makes me ready for a new one. (don’t tell mom though. even at 36 she’s telling me not to get more. 😉 poor mom.)

Alright guys have a wonderful Kentucky Derby weekend, ladies wear your big ugly hat and have a mint julep.