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Today is my Grandma Galinari’s birthday and Flyboy and I are heading up to see her. This will be the first time I been back to Cincinnati since my dad past. The drive has been nice so far. I’m writing as we go, which is not the easiest thing to do. Some states really need to fix there roads.

Back on topic. So today my grandma turns 96, I’m sure she’s not all that happy about it. She’s always said she didn’t want to be this old and she doesn’t want to make 100. I’m under the impression she will. She has too many things to see still. Like on grandchild get married (fingers are crossed on that one. Not sure if my brother will ever settle down.) My novel get published, July is only a few months away. She has five great grandchildren to watch grow up and at least graduate high school.  One should be doing that in the next yr or two. And to top it off she has a great great grandchild she needs to get to know.

As some of you know in Legacy I use family history to create my fiction, it’s mostly my mom’s history but in Bloodties I’ve had to find both my grandma’s and Grampa’s history. While my parents family history is nothing like what I’m creating it’s been cool to learn more of my dad’s history over the years when grandma has opened up. As I’ve gotten older I get more stories.  😉 Thanks to these stories I’ve been able to find even more family history which I get to show Grandma this weekend.  🙂 I really am writing what I know even if I’ve put a little paranormal into the family histories to do it.

96… can you imagine everything she has seen. War’s, the fall of countries,  assassinations, civil rights movement,  women’s rights, airplanes,  going into space, walking on the moon, tv, color tv, 17 presidents (yes I counted), natural disasters, a lot of scientific research,  DNA,  marring the man of her dreams, living 26 years after his passing, raising 3 children,  watching five grandchildren come into the world and seeing their children born as well as a great grandchild. 

What a life she has lived and I’m so glad I’ll spend the day with her to celebrate.