As most of you know Legacy is due out April 7th and as release day draws near I’ve been working on the next book. I’m not sure if the title will remain but right now I’m calling it Bloodties.  I think it fits as the story comes together.  I’m learning the history of Alexis as I use my family history as the base. Granted my family is not Alexis’s but knowing mine has helped. 😉 

On my down time I’ve been listening to the latest of my favorite authors.  I finished Jeaniene Frost’s Up from the Grave… I loved it. And while I hate that the series ended I think it ended on a positive note and in a good spot. I just hope we get a few more peeks into the world.

I also started listening to Chloe Neill’s newest Chicagoland Vampire novel so far so go.

Both are must reads. Well I have to be off Flyboy and I are meeting old Col.