Yes two post in one day… that hasn’t happened in a while.

As you guys know in a few months my first novel will be published.  It will be out in ebook first through Champagne Book Group. Champagne is a small boutique publisher and if you know me that’s right up my alley.

So why will I be making changes well one reason is so people know who I am and will want to by my book. Wickedcoolflight will still be the name of my blog because let’s face it, the name works for so many reason and it’s kind of like Kim Harrison’s burning bunnies so I’ll have to come up with something cool like she did for promo pins. On the other hand you guys need to know me or I should say others need to know me so you might see my name more and or links that have my name in them.

I also need to figure out what I want my “brand” to be. I’ve been checking out all the authors websites that I like and it got me thinking so as I said you may see some changes. So please bear with me as the changes come.