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I hope all of you have a wickedly good Solstice. Flyboy and I will be out for a little bit at his squadron’s holiday party, as long as I’m not in a lot of pain.


As the release date of Legacy draws closer you may start to see some changes here at wickedcoolflight and the other sites (twitter, pinterest, facebook) as I work on my brand. Wickedcoolflight will remain the name of my blog I just don’t know what else you’ll find so be on the look out and know it’s still me.

As for Legacy – I’m not sure if the title is remain, I’ve had thoughts of changing it in the past so I’ll keep you posted if it changes. Also as my editor is reading and making comments on how I can make Legacy better know that it will be released sometime in the Spring of 2014. That’s right 2014 is when you’ll see what I’ve been going on and on about when I say I’m editing. 😉

As you guys know I’ve been under the weather lately and haven’t done much writing. Trust me when I say I still have ideas and stories bouncing around my head and it suck when I’m taking so much medication that all I want to do is sleep or be curled up doing nothing be resting and getting healthy. What I have been able to do is listen and or read some new authors as I’m waiting for my favorites to release their next novel in 2014.

So I’ll be updating my author’s list but I wanted to have you guys check these authors out as I add them to my list:

Barbara Annino – Stacy Justice Mysteries – http://www.barbraannino.com
Bailey Cates – The Lightfoot Chronicles – http://www.baileycates.com
Deanna Chase – Jade Calhoun –  http://deannachase.com
Molly Harper – Jane Jamison & Werewolf series – http://mollyharper.com
Laura Kaye – Hard Ink Series – http://www.laurakayeauthor.com
Shea MacLeod – A Sunwalker Saga – http://sheamacleod.com
Shawntelle Madison – Covetted Series – http://www.shawntellemadison.com
Melissa F. Olson – A Scarlett Bernard Series – http://melissafolson.com
Kalayna Price – Alex Craft – http://www.kalayna.com
Cecy Robson – A Weird Girls – http://www.cecyrobson.com
E. J. Stevens – Ivy Grander, Psychic Detective – http://www.fromtheshadows.info
Jaye Wells – Sabrina Kane Series – http://jayewells.com

Most of these author’s aren’t new I just hadn’t heard of them and once I found them I can’t get enough. As 2013 comes to a close I hope that you have had a mostly awesome year. I know mine has had its ups and downs byt over all I think it was a good one and these new authors along with my old favorites helped me get through the stress that comes (I’m gathering) with working a normal job and becoming a published author. If you listen/read these new authors I hope you enjoy their stories as much as I have. They have been added to my “re-listen” to pile and my “I want to have this series on kindle” so that I can read and listen to the stories (not that I have much time fore reading when I’m writing).

Enjoy and as I stated earlier have a wickedly good Winter Solstice.