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Yes today after weeks of no post (that’s becoming the norm I know) I wanted to check in. Since turning in Legacy to my editor I’ve been working as much as I can on my NoNa piece. I changed the name of that MS to Bloodties it’s book to for Legacy. I’ve created a new first chapter, this one starts with Brenton one of my villains and now I’m making changes to chapter 2 & 3.  I have to change the POV since I changed it in Legacy.  I have to say changing POV is draining at time. Granted I like the story better in this one and more ideas come to mind to make a smooth cohesive story. I love it, but going over what I’ve written instead of creating new work is the draining part. Thankfully it’s just two chapters unlike Legacy but because I just finished Legacy, editing these two chapters is taking more time then I’d like. On top of the fact that I’ve been under the weather.  But it’s not like I haven’t written when sick or in pain before. 

I’ve also been reading (or rather re-reading) and listening to books. I’ve found some new authors I’m enjoying and some I’m only so so about. At some point I’ll add the authors to the authors I enjoy page.  Flyboy & I have been getting ready for the holidays as I’m sure guys are too.

Well I’m getting close to finishing my cool down so I’ll leave you to go and enjoy the rest of your Tuesday.