Happy October everyone.  I know I’ve been out of contact for awhile. With the book contract life got a little stressful around here. My days consisted of driving, work, driving, editing, dinner, editing, shower & sleep then repeat. Poor Flyboy started living with a crazy emotional woman who flew off the deep end weekly (not normal for me). I even had to ask for an extension to get all the edits complete so instead of turning Legacy over on Oct. 1st I turned it in on the 15th.

With Legacy off my plate until January I’ve had time to chill and am still trying to make the last 4 months up to Flyboy. One of the things to help with this is a trip to Disney World.  Flyboys never been and since I love Halloween thats when we head down.

Still with all I did I’m not sure Disney will cover it. I mean I was a brat and he created this for me.


Yes I have a room to read, write and research in. He built the bookcase table for me, which now holds all the books, notebooks and other odds and ends I use when working on a new story. I love the room and can’t wait to use it on the next novel.

Which brings me to the next topic. I’m working on the 2nd book for Legacy. I already had 2 chapters but now I’m changing those up. In fact I have a new 1st chapter that I’m working on so the original chapters are now chapter 2 & 3. Also I get to dig into some of the chapters I wrote way back when and pull them out for this book. I can’t wait.

Along with book 2 I may also start looking at filling in my romance/erotic novel that I outlined for my screenplay. I have friends who’ve been waiting for it (for some reason they want to see how freaky my mind gets – go figure). So I may work on that too.

So thats whats been happening around here.  I’ll keep you posted on how it all goes.