That’s been me since last night. It started while I was editing. I put my headphone on and sang along with which ever song struck me. A few times Flyboy came in to see what I was doing & to watch. (He says he likes hearing me sing lol)

So my jam session carried on to this morning. As I got ready for work I had the music on and again sang along. (Poor pups) And during my ??? Drive into work. This morning I had the windows down music blaring and became that driver that everyone thinks is nuts.

I say this because as I sang along to Van Morrison’s Into the Mystic I was also dancing in my seat. I’m sure people will talk about the chick in a Mustang singing & dancing as she … (I won’t say how I was driving. Mind you I use to want to be an indy car driver.) down the road.

When I got into town the music did not get turned down and I kept sing. I really do have to laugh at myself when I have this moments. Thankfully my mom got me started lidtening to great music when I was a kid, otherwise who knows how today would’ve turned out.

So I am diffenently my mothers daughter when I jam out and when I drive. 😉

I hope you guys have a fun and wicked day.

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