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As some of you may know Flyboy has been having me test out guns. When I figure out what gun I like, grip, recoil etc I’m going to take the concealed weapons test. However I’m no where near ready for that. I haven’t found the right gun, so why am I telling you guys this, because this past weekend we were back at the shooting range testing different calibers. It wasn’t just Flyboy and I, little Flyboy was with us as well. He’d stayed with us for the weekend as he headed to his next duty station.

Again why am I telling you this? Because as I test out the different guns I’m also figuring out what gun my character would use. For instance I now know I would not have her owning a .357 revolver with a short nose because the recoil hurts like a … I didn’t have an issue with the recoil when it was loaded with .38 caliber bullets, nor did I have issues with the “cheap” ammo, but when he (little brother flyboy) put a hollowpoint in the recoil was unreal. After shooting just one of those bullets I’d buised the meaty part of my hand between my thumb and index finger that I could get a good grip on another weapon. It hurt to damn much. I couldn’t even make a fist. As of today having a tight grip on something still hurts (mostly if I have to twist anything) and theres a nice purple bruise going up my thumb and I dex finger, it makes a v shape from the base of my thumb up.

So the search is still on for my character and myself. I must say overall this has been fun research for my writing.