I’m not sure if all this rain is normal on the east coast or not, I can say I don’t remember the last two years that Flyboy and I have lived here that it was this rainy, but I could be wrong. I don’t remember much of out first year. My dad had just passed and for about six months I was pretty depressed. It could have snowed in July and I probably wouldn’t remember. Granted that year had been the coldest, here in Charleston snow was on the ground and that doesn’t happen that often.

Anyway we’ve had a lot of rain, and now that I have deadlines I have to finish all my editing, when all I really want to do is curl up with a good book and read as the storm rages on. That is what I want to do, I can though. Flyboy and I came up with a play/schedule and I need to follow it. Thankfully I just finished one chapter and I’m on to the next. I hope to finish this one in four or five days, maybe if I’m lucky it will be finished faster then that.

Tomorrow, cross your fingers it doesn’t rain, we have a busy day. Along with working on Chapter 7, we have lap swim, its Flyboy and my friday workout together. I’ve been swimming Fridays with Flyboy for about three weeks now, this week I was able to add Tuesday and Wednesday to the mix and I feel great. Normally after a workout I want to take a nap but not so much after swimming. (Now I just want to eat). I’m also going to start climing on Mondays, that’s the day the pool is closed.  Sorry rambled there for a minute, so after swimming I have to edit and then Flyboy and I are head to a Riverdogs game.

The Riverdogs are Charleston’s Tripple A baseball team. Last summer we went to a few games and had a blast. Tomorrow we’re going to go with some friends and let our hair down. So I really hope it doesn’t rain.

Its late and I don’t want or need to ramble so good-nite and I’ll see you guys soon.