I’ll be honest it took me a little while to get into Code Red, and it had nothing to do with the story. It had to do with my issues with straight up romances and two reviews that I had to write up for new releases that came out before Code Red. I had started reading the first chapter but stopped to read the other books because I was on the fence – again. The beginning screamed romance and not the kick ass kind that I like, i.e. Night Huntress and the Accidental Witch Trilogy.

Now let me say I have nothing against romances but unless they have action (not all sexual) I just don’t get into them. As you guys have read from my others reviews. But I had to read this book for two reasons: one my sister-in-law suggested it and in effect I took that as her asking me to read an author she was interested in. She’d read some of Amy’s fan-fiction so I had the family obligation to check out this new author. The second after my sister-in-law’s request I told the author I’d read it. So here I am now that I know its a straight up romance dreading reading it because the last few hadn’t given me much hope.

I must say I was pleasantly surprised when I got past the first chapter. That’s right I enjoyed Code Red. It drew me in with its quips and sarcasm and it reminded me of the The Kitchen Witch and My Favorite Witch the two books I love in Annette Blair’s Accidental Witch Trilogy. Like those I couldn’t put the book down. I finished reading the book in two days while I had to stay home and rest with a stupid cold. I read through the night, and that’s saying something from a girl would doesn’t like many romances – two series that’s it. If Amy writes another book that’s anything like this one I’ll read it.

Now mind you I did have an ARC copy so I did find a few errors in the story that I’m sure have been fixed for the final release. Other than that I read Code Red read smoothly. Amy wrote two great believable primary characters and a handful of wickedly funny secondary ones. Her primary characters are funny too don’t get me wrong, you’ll be laughing threw the whole book.

Code Red is about Nicole, Nic for short, a twenty-six year old technical writer. Josh is the leading man, he’s a twenty-nine year-old salesman for the company Nic works for. Josh is out of the New York office and he’s one of the top senior salesman. The story takes place in Chicago since that is where Nic lives. Josh just landed a major contract with Starfire a company whose creating a MP3’s, smartphones, and other gadgets. Josh needs the best technical writer in his company and he found her, Nic however she don’t like writing about gadgets.

When the two meet there is chemistry but they work together and Nic has sworn off relationships since her college days. She has four great friends who are like sisters to her that she met in college. The five of them came up with an idea to save each other from heartache by having an intervention if someone might hurt their hearts. They called it a code red. Three of the five friends are married and used the code red when they met their husbands. Two of the girls aren’t married and Nic has just found her and her best friends match. No their not the same man. I’m telling you this much because besides the banter between Nic and Josh which is the heart thumping, jump our partners bones kind of fun, the interactions between Nic and her four friends. Nic’s four friends, Jen, Kim, Ashley and Mandy will have you laughing out loud and wanting to call your best friends too. These women have a friendship like the one I have with my best friend. I can call her anytime and she’ll be there. And all four girls are there for Nic. They call each other names, make lewd and crude comments and so much more.

You’ll have plenty of heat, excitement and laughter as you read Code Red. It’s a must read and I can’t wait to read it again. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.