Today like yesterday is gorgeous. The only problem the back of my head hurts. I think it might be my sinuses, I say this because Flyboy has had me take over the counter migraine and sinus meds and the headache goes away with both. Then I start sneezing and get a running nose. Whatever is going on its driving me nuts. I’m trying to work but can’t concentrate on what I need to do.I’ve looked at one sentence five times and I know it needs work but the changes aren’t flowing like they normally do. It’s not writers block I’ve changed a few things surrounding the sentence I’m working with I just can fix this one. The harder I think about it the more the back on my head hurts and then I don’t want to work at all, it really sucks.

On another note Flyboy is out visiting our family on the West Coast, and I keep getting pictures of the nieces and nephew that are out there. I really miss them. Flyboy’s brother is getting married to a wickedly awesome chick. I say this because she treats our nephew, her soon to be step-son, as her own. Having come from a broken home, and getting two step-parents in the process, I know how lucky my nephew is to have a step-parent that loves them and treats them as their own. I was luck both of my step-parents treated me as their children too. Many kids don’t get that. So I want to say to my new outlaw, (that’s what those of us who have married into Flyboy’s family call ourselves) welcome to the club/family.

As for the rest of you, I hope you have a wonderful day, and get to spend it with those you love.