Notorious Nineteen by Janet Evanovich

Janet has done it again. She’s created new FTA’s for Stephanie to catch, and two of the three she’s after re-creating bigger problems for her. Not to mention she’s working security for Rangeman. Stephanie’s Ranger’s security.

After I finished reading this installment a few Dolls and I were chatting about the story. They asked if the love triangle was still a major part of the story and I’d said yes. I’m now listening to the story, I would’ve listened to it sooner but Flyboy wanted to discuss Cold Days by Jim Butcher so I listened to that first. Now that I’m listening to Stephanie, I think my initial thought about the love triangle was incorrect.

I get the feeling that Stephanie is starting to realize who she wants to be with. She still finds both Ranger and Morelli sex as all get out and let’s be honest who of us wouldn’t. So I don’t think the sexual attraction she has for either man should be considered in the love triangle for this book. With that thought in mind and the decisions Stephanie makes brings me to the conclusion that she’s closer to ending the love triangle.

That being said Stephanie how has to see which guy wants her. We see in this book that either guy cold be considering Stephanie for a long term relationship. One maybe ready before the other but both are thinking about it. And if one says something first the other may have words to say about it.

Without giving away to much of the story I’ll let you in on a few details. At least three cars get destroyed. I’m sure you can guess who’s cars at least the owner of one of them. 😉 There’s one mental killer whom Stephanie has to deal with, and mental may not be the right work. He’s more sociopaths. She also has to deal with a crazy homeless man, who has done quite a few drugs in his day. There’s security for Ranger which Stephanie really isn’t excited about, but leads to a few chuckles from her and the reader.

You’ll find all of your favorite characters make an appearance. Overall the story is pretty good. If I had to rate it I’d give it three and three quarter points. It’s almost a four, but I didn’t laugh as much as I have before. Those are the ones I rate as fives. This one had a lot going on and I think that took away from my overall enjoyment. I think there were a lot more deaths in this book than others but I could be wrong. There was three major plot lines going it seemed, two for Stephanie’s job and the other working security for Rangeman. Because of that I feel the love triangle was secondary and at the bottom of that list.

I do think its worth reading, there are a few laugh out loud moments an it was a good read.