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Okay guys, I know I’m really slacking on making more than one post a week. I really want to go back to posting every day, I just haven’t had the time. I started a new job and I’ve been writing every day. Yes I know I should be writing for you guys here but I think you’ll be happier if I finish working on One of the Boys/Calla’s Kitchen. I’m still working on chapter one and I don’t know what I want to call it yet, and yes I still want to change the title. Since I want this novel to be hot and sexy, not that Legacy doesn’t have sexy moments, but it’s not the same. Legacy is a paranormal thriller so it has a little heat but not much. One of the Boys/Calla’s Kitchen is more erotic/romance so the hot and sexy meter is a lot higher. 😉

On another note I finished listening to the Nikie Heat Series, its the series based off Castle. I need to re-listen to all four books so I can write reviews on each. This means I need to re-listen to the Greywalker Series too. I don’t think I’m going to review the Morganville Vampire’s Series though, yeah I liked them but the fact that RC doesn’t keep the details correct I’m conflicted about writing a review on the series. For me details are a big issue and while I can like a series as a whole it’s hard to write a review for the series as well. Another series I started listening too is Jeaniene Frost’s Night Huntress Series and I’m loving it. It has a little more sex that I’m use to reading but I think it’s helping with Calla’s Kitchen. After I listen to the series again I’ll write a review on each book, I may actually read the series. I want to read the Nikie Heat series too, I’ve read the first book so I’d like to re-read it and then the others. So I have a lot of reading too do. 🙂

Now for what you’ve been waiting for, A Prefect Blood bonus chapter by Kim Harrison. You can find this chapter in the mass market book that just came out. It has this bonus chapter and the first chapter for Ever After and I must say again January can’t get here fast enough for the new Hallows novel.

Yes I went out and picked up the mass market, just for the bonus chapter. It’s crazy but well worth the money. KH recreated an emotional scene and instead of being in Rachel’s 1st person POV like the novels are its from a 3rd person POV. In fact the 3rd person POV is Trent’s. Since we’ve never had a Hallow’s book from anyone but Rachel’s POV it was interesting seeing Trent’s insight. I actually loved the chapter, not that I don’t love the books as they are, it’s just exciting seeing the emotions of a favorite characters. I know some people don’t like Trent because of his treatment of Rachel but they have more between them then hate. I think it’s wicked hot seeing Trent’s emotions come to light. I’ve been waiting for the day that we’d see how Trent might feel about Rachel. Hopefully with this chapter we know the answer to that question. So the question for you guys is are you ready to re-read a chapter that was a little steamy to start with now read a chapter like you’ve never read before. Whatever you have to do, I’d suggest, you find and read this chapter to get more insight into one of the beloved characters of the Hallows. You’ll be glad you did.