The writing bug and the thank god fall is here bug. This weekend I did a lot of writing. That’s right writing not editing. In fact i haven’t been edited at all, that’s because I’m waiting to hear back on edits I worked on a few weeks ago. I haven’t been wanted to make to many changes yet until I hear back on those so I’ve been working on One of the Boys/Calla’s Kitchen. I want to change the title and I’ve had a few ideas but nothing that has said use me. We’ll see what happens with it though. I’ve already changed the opening and I’ve started tying in the screen play and my original thought for the novel. It hasn’t been easy. It was easier going from the few ideas I had from the novel stand point to the screen play having a completed screen play and working backward is a little tougher. I’m working it though which is the positive. I’m only in the first chapters and first few pages of the screen play but its moving. As more comes about I’ll let you know.

This weekend I could feel fall had hit officially that is. Not that the weather changed but I wanted to bake, and bake I did. I make some pumpkin chai chocolate chip cookies and my witches brew. Everything turned out great. I may have to use the recipes in the novel but we’ll see.

On another note I’m listening to the Castle books and i do like them and how they are different from the TV show. I’m on book three right now and there is one more book out, the new one that is. Tonight starts the new session for the show and I can’t wait to see what happens this session. Alright guys I need to go, I’m out on a walk and I think I need to pay attention to the road and stop blofgong and walking at the same time. Have a good night.