My one of those days started last night at 7:45. I was out on my nightly walk/jog, interval training, when it started to sprinkle. Ok I can handle getting sprinkled or even lightly rained on no big deal. Yeah that’s what I thought. The sprinkle quickly turn into a downpour. I took shelter for a few minutes to see if it would slow down or stop. Not happening more rain fell from the sky. So I had to jog in the downpour home. I was drenched. Every part of me was wet and cold especially when I walked in my house. Thankfully my phone turned out ok but it seems my ipod once it dried out is toast. It worked fine when I got home and dried it off with a towel but at around 10:45 it died. Won’t even hold a charge. I guess apple never prepared for a consumer getting stuck in the rain. Or maybe its the people that make the people the workout armbands that didn’t think outside the box. Anyway so that was last night.

This morning to add to my night I’ve dropped Holly’s food bowel twice. Why is this a big? I rarely drop things sure things will slip out of my hand but I usually catch them before the fall, and dog food isn’t something you want to drop in the first place it makes a mess so dropping it twice I think you get my point. So we’ll see how things go and cross our fingers that the day gets better from here.