Yesterday I did a lot of editing, going so far as to print off chapter 5. I haven’t printed out a chapter in years now because I hate having to add the edits back into the document. However this chapter seemed to need an overhaul and that is what it got. The chapter had twenty something pages and while I don’t know how many it has or will have, the chapter will have more needed interaction. It will also use Alexis job to have information she needs. I noticed that I was skipping weeks possibly making the story incoherent. Now the story only has a few gaps in time but I think they make sense. And I don’t think more gaps are needed. It doesn’t make sense for that to happen whereas the others are probable. So now that I’ve deleted a chunk of this chapter I still need to add in a scene and make the other scenes in this chapter flow. This chapter is all about obtaining information.

I hope everyone had a wickedly grand weekend. Enjoy your day.