The weather besides the rain has been quite nice the passed few days and I’ve gotten even more edits completed. Edits however aren’t the only thing I’ve been doing, I planted some plants in the front yard. I’ll post the pictures by Friday, I also checked out two restaurants that Flyboy and I hadn’t been too. Both were sandwich shops but that I got was pretty good. I’ve also gotten in a walk everyday for two weeks. I’m not sure if the walks are helping my creativity but I’ll give it props if it is. Today the only real issue I had, well two really, was that I couldn’t figure out what I wanted to listen too. I need to edit my writing list because some of the songs just aren’t working for me anymore. It really sucks when that happens and it seems to happen a lot. You any of you have suggestions on music to add please let me know. I listen to everything. So since the music needs editing I decided to listen to one of the audios I have. I’d just finished relistening to The Black Sun’s Daughter series and started to listen to Chicagoland Vampires again but since I’d just finished it two weeks ago I wasn’t in the mood. Right now I have Discovery of Witches on but I’m not sure how long that’s going to last either, I just listened to that series last month. I may head over to The Hallows since Into the Woods comes out in a few weeks. Since KH just put up the new cover for Ever After yesterday Rachel is on my mind. Plus she always gives me inspiration.

I’m hoping this weather stays where it is I’m liking the 80’s.