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Where could Chloe Neill go after Drink Deep that’s what we find out in Biting Cold the sixth book in Chloe’s Chicagoland Vampires series? As we know there’s not a lot Ms. Neill won’t put Merit and Ethan though, or us for that matter, and Biting Cold isn’t any different. Will someone die… of course we haven’t had a book yet that someone hasn’t died. This time I promise it’s not Ethan or Merit, but that leaves everyone else up in the air.

Biting Cold picks up hours after the end of Drink Deep with Merit and Ethan on the road to Omaha to catch Mallory. And if you’ve read the first chapter or have heard about it since it’s been posted on CN’s website, so this isn’t a spoiler, along the way (on the road) they meet an “old” friend. Nope it’s not Mallory, it’s mister evil himself, former Mayer Seth Tate. Oh yes, the Mayer is out and about, and he’s all about revenge among other things. Biting Cold is action packed from the get go and every time you think you’re going to catch your breath think again. I think I can count on one hand how many times Merit sleeps.

Since we all know hell is about to break lose as Ethan and Merit race off to save a black magic addicted Mallory what else could go wrong? That my friend’s is the billion dollar question? After Drink Deep‘sending we were left with so many questions. What’s going to happen with the House? Who or what is Tate? Can Mallory be saved? Will the Ombud’s office be able to help the sups as it did but from the shadows? What will happen to Merit and Johan’s partnership? Will Morgan grow a pair or remain a child? Who is the Master of Cadogan? Does Mallory control Ethan?

I know so many questions and I’m sure I forgot a few. Here’s the thing I can’t answer them. What I can say is you’ll find out when you read the book. I couldn’t put this one down and there were times I had too. I read Biting Cold in less than 24 hours (don’t tell Flyboy) because it was that good.

Chloe Neill’s latest story is going to have you all over the map both literally and emotionally, because let’s face it does anything ever go according to plan? There may be love in the air but it may not be from Merit and Ethan. You’ll have to read the book to find out. I’ll tell you this we do see some of our favorite sups come out to play and even hear from not so favorite ones. So much happens within these pages and we get many answers. This book pretty much closes all the issues that have been left standing open to date. I’m not saying there aren’t threads where we can’t still learn more as time goes by. This book just seemed to shed light on questions I’d had and issues I know others have had since Hard Bitten.

I will say I like where CN is going, as a writer I always have, and I don’t see an end in sight. This path she leading us down is the next step in the progression of the storyline. And let’s be honest without a path in the next direction the series would fall to the waste side. Now I’ll tell you, some may not like the ending because it’s left open-ended, but that doesn’t mean it’s a cliffhanger. Trust me there is a difference and it’s a big one. Yes the ending is suspenseful but it’s not very which is way open-ended works. The story doesn’t have a predetermined limit. Which is why this is a series and not six standalone books. So while we have one issue arise that is settled yet brings up new issues for the end of the book I’m sure House Rules will pick up the thread and run with it. We just have to wait until February 2013 and to be honest that’s not a long wait. So sit back relax and enjoy the action, it’s going to be a wicked hell of a time.