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Yesterday I told you guys of my plan to work on edits so I could send off the changes that I’ve made to the birdie. I didn’t get much of that done yesterday or today. Yesterday I went out to see the latest Batman, Dark Knight Rises, I must say I really enjoyed it. I had to see it alone since Flyboy is out and about but he’s supposed to see it this week, then we’ll discuss it. The downside to seeing the movie alone is that afterward I had a migraine and by the time I got home I was sick. So while prior to going I had plans on working when I got home that plan got shot to hell. However I’m not disappointed that I went to see the movie and I’d see it again.

Besides editing yesterday I also wanted to get started on my review of Biting Cold, again something that didn’t get started but I think I’ll have a bit of it by Sunday.

Today I finished listening to Downpour, and started listening too Seawitch, both by Kat Richardson there part of her Greywalker series. Next up I’ll listen to Biting Cold, to make sure I have my review the way I want it. Then I’m going to read the whole Greywalker series and write up a review.

So why didn’t I get any work done today, that’s because I treated myself to a massage. I’ve been so tense lately I figured I’d start this weekend off right and truly get the relaxation in so my body & mind would fuse back together. With me being able to workout now since surgery, and I have been, I thought it would be a good idea to sooth the muscles a little. Now I can get to work and have a productive weekend. While I’m productive I hope you guys relax and enjoy the weekend.