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Kitty Steals the Show by Carrie Vaughn

Kitty Steals the Show picks up were Kitty’s Big Trouble ended. Kitty’s heading to London for a Scientific Paranormal Conference with Ben and Cormac in toe. During their trip over to London they make a pit stop in Washington D.C. to see an old friend, Alette. It was great seeing her again even if it was for a few paragraphs. Alette, however it’s not the only old friend or foe that we see throughout the story, from Washington D.C. and Denver.

Kitty as normal thinks her trip is going to be trouble free or I should say she hopes. Per usual this hope is not going to last. As if we’d be happy if it did. Kitty is a guest (keynote speaker) at the conference, yet she has a hard time compiling her speech, and what a speech it turned out to be. When Kitty and her companions land in London they are met by Emma, Alette’s however great daughter. She’s in London learning to be a vamp from one of Alette’s close friends and Master Vamp of London.

London, due to the conference, is filled with Paranormal creatures and protesters. So what could go wrong in the historic town? Lots.

Once Kitty, Ben and Cormac are settled they go out on their adventures. Kitty and Ben go to the conference, while Cormac ventures around London for his, body sharing spirit, Emilia. With Cormac off with Emilia, Kitty and Ben split up and check out the seminars they’re interested in. While at the conference a former flame of Kitty’s is about. Lois, the Brazilian were-tiger from D.C., had come to the conference with his sister. Lois still has a thing for Kitty and he flirts openly with her in front of Ben. Kitty and Ben also run into Dr. Shumacher and Joseph Tyler, werewolf and former US Army special forces.

Ben and Kitty also get invited to the vamp party were things get interesting even in a “free zone”. With the Conference in London, the Master Vamp, Ned, has said London is a no fight zone for the duration of the conference. Again things don’t go as plan; enter one longtime foe Mercedes Cook. Yes, she’s back and up to her old tricks and this time she has more backup. She has both vampires with their werewolf cronies and a human. Can you guess what human is working with Ms. Cook? Enter our even older foe, a human and scientist, Dr. Flemming. That’s right the man that kidnapped Kitty, locked her in a silver cage on the full moon and recorded her change on national T.V. (this happened during Kitty Goes to Washington).

It’s not so surprising that London didn’t remain a neutral zone, because as always Kitty can’t keep her mouth closed, around vamps or were’s. The end result Kitty rocked the boat and put the buzz out on Roman, so that everyone knows about the long game and those not aligned with him could be on the lookout and know their allies. War is coming and Kitty is making more friends, both vamp and were, and foes. She as always is shaking up the Paranormal world as she breaks the silence.