Yes I am alive, promise, but I’m not back to normal as of yet. I’ll be honest I though I’d be able to kick butt on the blogs & editing while recouping and I was so wrong. Having organs removed just makes you tired. I’m just now starting to feel up for writing, editing and what not. It sucks but you can’t fight nature, well you can but something may go wrong. Right now my days since surgery have consisted of waking up around 7-8 for the pups then going back to sleep for a few hours, then getting up between 9-10 for breakfast. Some days I’d be have another nap be up for a few hours then go to bed. You can see the issue right. I’ve been sleeping so much do to my recoup that I don’t even think straight. I haven’t been able to read much either, its only been in the last three days that I could start reading the ARC of Into the Woods by Kim Harrison. Its her anthology that’s coming out in Sept Oct time frame. It has short stories from the Allows and new stuff too. But here’s the thing I’ve had it since before surgery but like writing I haven’t been mentally or physically able to read. I say physically because I’ve slept so much.

Today when I sent to see the wizard I did to a little editing but I’ll have to let a couple people see the change to see if it will remain. And while I haven’t been awake enough to write or edits my brain has been thinking up new changes & ideas so be on the lookout.

I hope you guys had a wickedly cool 4th and week to follow. I’ll do my best to share my voice a little more during my recovery.

Today a new Artemis Fowl book was released & so was Deborah Harkness Shadow of Night.