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Yes I’m changing my inter “Little Orphan Annie” the original one.

I know I’ve still been away from the blogs, but I have written my article for PBD, my review of Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter, I’ve started reading my ARC copy of Shadow of Night, once I finish it I have Into the Woods waiting for me and last but not least next week I have surgery. So things have been a little nuts around here. Plus Flyboy and I have been moving the house around. My office is now upstairs in our family room, (we no longer have a family room), out former office is empty. Though we may either be putting boxes in it or making it in to a bedroom/reading room – we’re not sure yet. It all depends on what we do with out formal dining room. The idea is to take that down and make that our reading room. None of this however we be done anytime soon. We’ve also been hanging our picture frames, even the ones that still need pictures added. I know what pictures need to go in the frames it’s just our photo printer needs a new cord and I haven’t gone to target to print them off. Lazy yes I know but it’s not high on my priority at the moment.

Tonight I’m going to add more info to the other blogs. Tomorrow I hope to have my review of Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter posted and sent over to PBD as well as my article.