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These passed few weeks I feel like I’ve fallen down the rabbit hole. We have so many things going on its not even funny.

To start with Flyboy has secret squirrel military stuff going on, it’s not really secret squirrel but I’m not allowed to talk about what’s going on so I’m calling it secret squirrel. His stuff is stressful but when it’s done the stress will move on. On top of his secret squirrel stuff we are fostering a pup from his mom. She’s the sweetest pup around. She just needs more attention then we can provide. She wants all the attention possible and since we have Holly, Jax and Isaac we can’t give her all of our attention. She also isn’t doing so well with Isaac. Considering Isaac is eight years old he doesn’t like having new “monsters” in the house, and Portia gets aggressive when he raises his hackles. Needless to say we’ve had some excitement around here. Don’t you just love life?

As I’m sure you can imagine writing anything has been difficult. I need to write my article for PBD this month and my book review of Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter. I’m now listening to Chloe Niell’s Chicagoland Vampire series, I’m on book one but I need to finish the series before the new releases come out in July and August. As I’ve said before the new Deborah Harkness comes out in July and so does Kitty. Chloe’s new one comes out in August, thankfully I’ve already read all the books I’m just relistening to them so I have everything fresh in my head.

I’m hopeful that I’ll be climbing out of this rabbit hole shortly, it’s not as fun as Alice’s rabbit hole. I think I’d rather fall down her’s, wonderland seems like it would be great right now.