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It’s me once again, and finally right. It’s been crazy lately. Today I’m going to share a little news and talk about other things as well. Bare with me I have so much going on in my tinny head I’m not sure what to do with it all. 😉

The news – a few weeks back I got an email from an editor who saw a pitch I had posted to a different editor. (I know this is a crazy road) She really liked the line “a house’s thirst for blood” it reminded her of a book she loved by Stephen King called Rose Red she and I have been talking back and fourth. No contract but I’m hopeful. I hope she likes it enough to give me some feedback. I’d love to know if she likes the style, characters, plot, etc. My fingers are crossed that I’ll hear something soon.

As I said earlier I have so much going on in my head I haven’t been able to write. Every time I want to put something to paper it flies away – which is aggravating. So I’m trying to put ideas or edits down as fast as I can. I’ve been dreaming too lately but the dreams aren’t fitting into stories at the moment which may have something to do with the clutter in my head. I feel like Alexis in Legacy she has way too much to think about. Three of the things going on in my head are 1. the anniversary of my father’s death which occurred last year, 2. Flyboy and my anniversary of eight years (which is the same day my father passed on) 3. Flyboy leaving for four months.

Flyboy doing on “vacation” for four months is a good and bad thing, it’s good because I should get a lot of writing done, but I’m be worried about him too so it’s a double edge sword. As far as the other issues are concerned I just have to get through next weekend.

On another note I finished listening to all Carrie Vaughn’s Kitty Norville series and I’m ready for the next book. I’ve taken a break from the list I was listening to Chloe Neil and Deborah Harkness to listen to Abraham Lincoln Vamper Hunter. When I finish the book I’ll write a review.

I have gathered some info for the other blogs so I’ll start working on those shortly.

Have a wickedly awesome Memorial Day weekend.