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It’s been a long day an now that I’m able to set and relax, do a little writing, its overcast and rainy. The rain hasn’t started yet but its going to hit, I can smell it in the air. Today I had plans but as one of the teachers I was subbing with said early we have to adapted and overcome. That’s what I’m going to try and do. Cross your figures for me.

Normally I know when I’m going to be subbing, but today I got called in right when school would start 6:55. Needless to say I hadn’t gotten out of bed yet so I had a quick shower, put the dogs in their house and walked out the door. No breakfast and two power bars in hand for lunch. It’s really know wonder why by 2:15 I started having a headache. I’m now home have food and ready (I think ) too work.  Wish me luck.