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I promise I haven’t been trying to slack off this past week, things have just beencrazy. My MIL came out to visit so Flyboy and I were doing the touristy things. By the time we got started and got home this past week I couldn’t think coherently.  My blogging would have been a jumbled mess. I did get in a little writing while in the back set of the car and at a very appointments I had but it’s not what I’m normally getting done.

Since we were out and about trying new places here in Charleston, I want to give you guys a heads up on places you should check out if you come to town.

We tried Jack’s Cosmic Dog as we head out to the Morris Island Lighthouse. FlyBoy and MIL loved their dogs, I had a hard time finding a dog I’d eat (I’m a picky eater) but I liked the one I choose. The best thing I had though were their fries, we added spicy ranch, cheese and bacon. The fries were awesome. So I’d suggest trying Jack’s just for the fries.

One night we headed over to the Sushi bar we like, Sake House, and I think I ate why too much sushi. We also had the Hibachi too. (Safe food for MIL).

The other new place we headed over too, is know for it’s sticky buns (on Sunday). Wild Flour Pastry, I tried the sticky bun, it was big, and it wasn’t bad. I had a savory scone that was pretty good, but their Chai was to die for. Flyboy & MIL loved the sticky buns. I would mind going back to try their Cinnamon roll, it was bigger than the sticky bun and had gigantic dollop of icing on top.

We normally take our guest to Hominy Grill, another awesome restaurant in town, but since she’s already been there she wanted to try some new places. Though I wish we could have had it this week. I thought for sure we’d head over there.

We did do one non-touristy thing while MIL was out, we saw Avengers, and I must say it was wickedly good. I laughed a lot. Flyboy and MIL saw it twice once with me and once in 3D. I would’ve loved to see it in 3D but the 3D technology gives me migraines. I may see if Flyboy is willing to see it again with me.

All righty I need to get some food and start writing.