You may have notices that I did some changes to the blog today. All the RSS feeds, except three, all now at the bottom. I’m still following everyone, I just had to make room for the new blogs I created. So now to the right you’ll only find the blogs I write on/for. I think this works/looks better too, since now I won’t have wasted white space due to the feeds.

The new blogs are lifeinmilitaryflight.wordpress.com & wickedrelaxation.wordpress.com. The blog titled life in military flight is the direction I’m taking my non-fiction in. Instead of writing the novel I’m going to blog about it and write the novel later. I’m hoping that I can get the fliers and spouses to post on the blog. They didn’t like homework so I think they’ll like this option better. The other new blog wicked relaxation goes along with life in military flight but it’s not “military” in origin. Wicked relaxation is a travel blog, but not of the places Flyboy or I have travelled too. It’s about the cities and states the military has moved us too. So you’ll find wickedly awesome things to do in the places we’ve lived, or places we are learning about at our new bases.

This blog, my main one, will have all the updates and news as it always does, whereas the other two will be specialized with in there topics. I hope you guys enjoy those blogs as much as you enjoy this one.