Over the last few days I’m been working on Legacy (like always) but I’m trying to get it ready for two contest and to be sent out. I have a few paragraphs posted on WeBook on the Page to Fame section and it’s not going so bad. I’d post what they are saying but it won’t let me if you follow me on twitter or facebook you can find the links. Most of my work has been at time when Flyboy goes to bed so I can work. He really tries to let me during the day but for some reasons he always has questions for needs me to help with something. Other times he just wants to sit with me and that is difficult when I want to lock myself in the office and have nothing to do with the world. I tried this Saturday with no luck. My phone was turned off and the pups were quite but Flyboy needed me to checkout the additions to the flower bed that he added. Paving stones, he did an awesome job and I’ll post the pictures later. The only problem I couldn’t get work done. But that night when he went to sleep I got work done. I even got some research done for Blood. It needs some work. I changed the name of the town in Legacy, the new name fits like a glove.

On another note a friend of mine has a website www.edensbookshelf.com, check it out. It’s all about Indie publishing. I’ve added her RSS feed to the side and you can find her on twitter too.

One of my new favorite artist has even more music over at soundcloud that has inspired me to write, Shaun Canon as you may remember wrote Live or Die that I think speaks to Legacy his other songs are just as magical. So check him out. You can follow him on FB, twitter and soundcloud. He also has a website. At the rate it’s going I may have to start a playlist page for you guys. Two of his songs can be found on iTunes and either today or tomorrow he may have up everything else. Maybe one day if I’m lucky I could get him to write a song for one of my stories.

Alright it’s time to get moving.