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The Neophyte Writer

Social media usage is now a need. It’s the fastest, easiest, hardest, and most time-consuming method for self-expression and business marketing tool there is today. Whew! Where do you begin? Which social media tool will be best for you? How many should you sign up for? These are the questions that new writers are asking themselves as they begin the journey of building an author platform. I came across and article that will help you sort out some of the conundrum. I will also be writing some articles on the various social media outlets to tell you about what their purpose is and who is utilizing these free services.

Social Media Marketing – Why You Need to Join the Conversation

by Collyn Floyd

Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, YouTube, Digg, blogging…with so many social media possibilities, what’s a marketer to do? New social media websites are popping up on a seemingly daily…

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