So I had hoped I’d be able to write Friday, Monday and Tuesday, or at least post but all three days I had to teach. For some reason when I sub I’m dead tired when I get home. The only things I’ve gotten done this week is workout (I’m starting to run) and I did make changes to my synopsis. I finished the edits yesterday during my one free period. I’ve been working on it for a week so I’m glad the edits are done. I just need to enter them. 😉

Make sure you stop over at http://paperbackdolls.com/ to check out my review ofA Perfect Blood.

I’ve been thinking about some of my other stories today so I may split the day working on Legacyand One of the Boys . I’ve been thinking about One of the Boy’s because I’ve been re-reading the Kitchen Witch Trilogy and it always gets me ready to work on The Kitchen Witch. I’ve also been listening to music that will help me flesh out scenes. 😉

I chat with you guys later time to work.