Yes this is how I feel right now. I feel like I’m going crazy, and there no end in sight. As I said last Thursday last week was spring break out here, and I didn’t get much if anything accomplished. It sucked. I did do some fun things but nothing that needed to be done at least in my mind. Friday night Flyboy and I went out to see Mirror, Mirror and that was fun. We laughed a lot. Mirror, Mirror has a slightly different take on the traditional Snow White tale. It’s lighthearted and if the Grimm’s did funny this would have been their tale. I wish someone would do this to Beauty and the Beast, I’d be in heaven. So that was Friday. Saturday we worked in our front lawn. We dug up and leveled the flower bed so my new plants could get planted. Saturday night we went out to see the River Dogs play the Braves Atlanta‘s triple A team. Now that baseball season has started I’ll try and post game times and scores for Cincy, Boston, and Texas since those are the cities/states where two of my stories take place. I’ll see if I can find a widget for their schedules. I also need to find a calendar for important dates so we’ll see what happens.

We had fun watching the River Dogs even though we aren’t Yankee fans their triple A team is fun to watch. We plan on going to the next one here at home as well. Sunday we finished the flower bed but it took all day as we planed and made sure it all looked good. Yesterday I read a friends book and picked up some writing tools to help me flesh out a few of the characters. Plus this way I know what issues so of the characters have in Legacy was I work on the next book and short stories. I don’t want things to come at me later so I’m making character charts now. We’ll see how that works out.