I know it’s been awhile since I posted, well wrote something. I’ve posted pictures but not anything that’s been happening. There hasn’t been much going on really. I’ve been subbing and now we are on spring break. I worked out the first chapter in book two of Legacy and I’ve started on Chapter 2. I’ve been listening to all the Stephanie Plum books and I’ve fallen’ in love with them. If I can I’ll write some notes over all 18 novels. Since they’ve been out for a while I won’t do a full review, except for book 18 that just came out. Flyboy and I have been working on the house and yard. I know have the ceiling fan I’ve been in love with up in my office, and it will move to our next house, it’s that cool. We’ve been planting new flowers in the front yard and our tree arrives today for the backyard. I also planted the chocolate flowers I ordered from chocolateflowerfarm.com some of the flowers are already starting to sprout. (I bought seeds)

Yesterday I started listening to Discovery of Witches again since Shadow comes out here in a few months. I can’t wait.

I’ve also been to the book store lately to pick up some books on witchcraft for Legacy and the books that follow. Now that I’m in book two I can see where things are going with Alexis and I’m trying to figure out how her power is going to react. It also gives me things to add into Legacy so you guys have a glimpse of what her Legacy is doing to her. The book store I’ve been going to hasn’t helped much so I’m going to return one book (I’d already bought it once and didn’t know it) then head over to the other book store. It’s days like this that I really miss Borders there metaphysical section had more than the store I went to yesterday. I’m not sure if it’s just that I’m in the Bible Belt or what. I know when I lived in Dallas the Borders I shopped at had more that one small bookcase. Heck the one in Hawaii had a hole row, this place has two cases that I’m taller than and its mixed with the spiritual, and everything else that normally goes with metaphysical. I just don’t get it.

Well I need to go and get back so I can get some editing done today. I may need to work on some note cards too to flesh out some new ideas I have for Alexis. I need to know where to bring things in.

Also stop over at paperbackdolls.com my review of Ripper is up since Ripper comes out on the 8th and my latest article was posted yesterday. Tomorrow on PBD you’ll find my interview with Amy Carol Reeves posted. I hope you guys enjoy the post.