Yesterday I spend most of the afternoon reading Chapter 1 over and over again in Soundcloud. I wanted to have something I could listen to while editing. Find issues that I’m not catching otherwise. It took all afternoon to get a full chapter and even then it’s not perfect. Reading a loud for me is difficult I get tongue tied and miss words, say the wrong words, etc. I really hate it. I’m sure everyone has this issue but I always think it’s the dyslexia giving me issues. But reading wasn’t my only issue yesterday, I have three different voices for Legacy. I have the house, Alexis and Brenton one of the villains, however my voice doesn’t change in pitch. I only have a girl voice. 😉 So I can do Alexis really well but I don’t do the darker voices, they still sound like a girl. I will let you guys hear it once it uploads. You’ll have to bear with the choppy areas where my reading sucks. Most of the issues are me getting tongue-tied I check. If it doesn’t load soon I’m going to start over and try again. I would of thought it would’ve loaded over night.