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Yes this weekend I didn’t get anything done, I take that back, I did get some research material for the novel I’m working on that takes place in Austin. I picked up two travel books one on Austin and the other on TX. Yes I grew up in Dallas and I should know “everything” about TX but I don’t. I didn’t want to keep bugging my friends that live in Austin since they all have better things to do than answer my questions. I did ask them some but for the more general things I bought the books.

Saturday night I celebrated my friend and neighbor’s birthday which is when I got toasted. I’m not sure when I became a lightweight but I have. I had a total of 5 shots which toasted me. This never use to happen. Four of the shots were Tequila, really good Tequila, which I’ve had before. I’ve never gotten toasted after five shots, not even from Tequila. The last shot was of a Rum, again nothing special it was only one shot. I drank water before and after, during the party. So this whole turning 34 is not something I like if I get toasted after 5 shots. Personally I don’t care about getting older, the only issue I’m having is that I’m getting toasted.

The other reason I didn’t get work done is that a family member went in the hospital and things aren’t looking so hot. They are asking the family members to donate blood.