Sorry you guys haven’t heard much from me as of late, but being a sub is tiring. Thursday I wore heels, big mistake. Friday I subbed in a 7th grade science class they wore me out. Friday night my step-dad came into town. He landed late so I didn’t get to bed when I should have. Saturday was a shopping day my dad wanted to buy Flyboy and my Christmas present and my birthday presents. I got shoes, 😉 ones that I can wear while teaching, flats. That night we went out for Sushi for bday dinner. Sunday we took Dad down too Hominy Grill to have brunch. Everything was awesome as normal. Then Dad went to the airport and Flyboy and I headed home to sleep. We went out shopping too but this time for the house and to pick up dinner. During dinner Dad came back. Monday I stayed home but Flyboy and I went shopping for clothes that I can wear to work in. Most of my shirts are t-shirts or dress shirts so I needed something in the middle. And of course yesterday I subbed again.