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Not really but I may be working on one of the other stories today. If I do it will seem like I’m at the beginning. Last night since Flyboy had to fly I finished the latest round of edits on Chapter 5. I’ll still need readers to read over it and the previous chapters to make sure I didn’t miss anything. Knowing myself I’m sure I have. It’s hard to catch things when my mine is racing and new thoughts and ideas are popping in to add detail to the story. Plus I’ll be honest grammar and punctuation are not my strong suit. These important parts of the English language were never taught to me properly. Why you might ask… it’s because when I got into first grade (catholic school) I was told I had to read by eyesight. As long as I could sound out the words I could read pretty well but this teacher didn’t let me do that so I got put in a special reading class. From then until I was in fifth grade I got taken out of classes do go into a “slow learning” class. If any of those teacher would have paid attention they would have known what was going on. In fourth grade one teacher suggested that my next teacher watch me because I “might” be dyslexic. I’m glad they figured out what the issue was, but these were the years when you really learn about grammar, spelling and punctuation. And let me be straight my “special reading class” just made me feel stupid. The classes “MTA” that I had to go to after they figured out I was  dyslexic taught me how to rewrite and “spell” which was great, however when you only get three years of them and you’re already behind playing catch up isn’t fun or easy.  The standardized test the schools started giving us didn’t help since I’d already missed out on learning most of the important tools. The one good thing I can catch most if not all of anyone else mistakes, mine I don’t see. Which is why I must have readers go through and read over everything once I think I have a good copy.

So why am I telling you guys this, it’s not to get sympathy, it’s because I can into issues yesterday in one of my workshops. The instructor told me that parts of the first chapter had grammar and punctuation issues. I did find a few when I scanned over it last night, but it made me realize the disservice my first four teachers and also the “special” reading teachers handed me. I’m not sure if they didn’t see or want to see that my issue wasn’t that I was “stupid” or slow. But the fact that they didn’t take the time to figure it out since I had really good grades in everything else set my learning important tools back. Plus every school just saw that I was in a special reading class at the prior school and so they followed suit. Thankfully one teacher realized what was going on and had the nerve to say hey watch her. It just really bites. The other reason I’m discussing this is so those of you that have children  be on the look out, having issues reading doesn’t mean your child is slow or stupid, they could have a real learning disability. Grant not all kids do so you have to be cautious so watch them and have them read to you? I didn’t like reading at all after first grade but I see now that I should have kept it up.

On a bright and happy note… I think I figured out what genre Legacy should fall into thanks to my other workshop instructor. It most likely falls under Paranormal Thriller I just have to make sure the pace is good, so I’ll need to read one, 😉 and take out some things that are dragging it down. I think I know where those scenes might be.  I’m so happy that I’m in this Bootcamp workshop over at Savvy Authors, thanks to it know what agents I should look for. My other workshop over there is on POV which is why I got told I had grammar and punctuation issues but my POV’s were good – thankfully.