I’ve been making a list of interesting and unique words to use in my writing. Most of them are words that we’ve all heard before but don’t think about using. I’ve been using Evernotes to collect my words so I have them on every device that I write on.  So far I only have three words, I started maybe a week or so ago, and I’m looking for more. I have mumbo-jumbo, fiddlesticks, bass-ackwards (which is something I’ve used before but forgot about). If any of you can think of more interesting words let me know, I’d love to see what words you come up with.

Today I worked on book two of Legacy, I still haven’t thought of a name for it yet. It’s really bugging me that I can’t think of a name, granted I’m still working on chapter one so it’s not like I’ve gotten far but I know where I want to take this one. The next two books in this series are going to go through the house to put it at ease. I’m not sure if I should just do a few rooms on each floor or do the whole floor in each book that comes next. The house is a mansion and there’s a lot of rooms but it also has five floors including the basement and attic space.  I know I need to figure this out before I get to far into the book, and since I don’t do outlines I might be in trouble if I get much further than chapter four or five. Thankfully still on chapter one.

On a different note I’ve read the four chapters HaperCollins has out for A Perfect Blood by Kim Harrison. I’m excited about this book, there may only be two or three more books, three at the most. This book comes out Feb. 21 and I can’t wait. All I want to do is read more, and I’ve been listening to book one but when Kim had up that more chapters were posted I had to read them. I’m hoping they post chapter five and six before the release just so I can have more to read before the release date.  It may have been better if I hadn’t read them at all if nothing else comes out. It’s like a drug, and since I have two brothers who are addicts, one recovering and one not, I’m guessing by the way have acted. Anyway so far it seems like its going to be one of the best books yet.

Okay I really need to go edit now, I’ll see you guys tomorrow.