Sorry I didn’t post yesterday, this weekend I’ve been sick. I’m not going to get into the details but even though I’ve been under the weather I have been able to get a little work done. I’m in chapter 5 for edits on Legacy. I had to got back into chapter 4 like I said and change some things. I think I have the layout of the house pretty much covered. I wish I had a model of it or a good sketch (my sucks) but I’m a writer not an artist. Besides Legacy I was working on reviews for PBD and interview questions. So since Friday I’ve been fairly busy, and I know I need to put up the recipes, with getting sick that was the last thing I thought about, so I’ll get out a note book and write them down so I’ll remember to put them up this week. I’m not just doing this for you guys I think I’ll want it for One of the Boy’s or Calla’s Kitchen, whichever I decide to call it,  so I can add recipes Calla tries out. The ones that aren’t so good and the ones that are will be in the book, so you guys can see her passions.

You’ll find that I’ve been adding more things to the blog/website under Fiction I added a few more pages, this way all of my styles are labeled and I can have a page dedicated to the work. Shortly I’ll move all the information about Legacy over to the novel page, and so on. I’ll try and work on synopsis for everything else over the next few weeks.

For now my little sick butt is leaving you so I can eat and maybe write, otherwise I’m going back to bed. See you tomorrow.