That’s right yesterday I didn’t get any writing done like I’d hoped too. I did get to finish the book I was reading for PBD, so I was a little productive. The plan for the day is to write and then start on one of the other books I need to read. (I picked this out ;))

I also have to figure out my review for PBD, for the book P.O. Box Love that I finished. Right now I’m not sure how I feel about the work, I had some issues but I’ll leave those for my review, but because of those I’m not sure if I enjoyed the book over all. I’m going to take a few days to think about it. The one thing that reading this made me do was a dream that I’ve had before the only problem I only remember bits and pieces now. It wasn’t a love dream, mine rarely are, it was a test, in a mystery. Almost like a quest in modern day. I didn’t finish that dream I got swooshed into a new one, that I can’t remember at all. It would be nice if I could remember the other dream to see if I could write it down, use it somehow. Maybe I’ll have the dream again soon.