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No Charleston isn’t hell, its just been two of those days. And it’s raining today. I’ll start with yesterday. It was a half day spent at a Military Medical Clinic trying to get my refill of meds. One person would have it was in so I could get and the pharmacy would say it’s not. This took hours and I went to Flyboy’s appointment and finally a little before 11 my meds were ready. The positive part was I got to have lunch with Flyboy. Though before meeting back up with him I stopped at “the club” for a hot chocolate. I ask you how can anyone mess up a hot chocolate? I’m not sure myself but this lady did twice. First she gave me a cafe latte with hazelnut, I don’t drink coffee, it smells good to me but I want to gag when I take a sip. When I take it back she tells me she thought I said that. I said “I want a non-fat sugar free hazelnut hot chocolate”. Again I’m not sure how to confuse that but okay. She remakes it and this time she has so much hazelnut that the hazelnut is all you can taste. Mind you I get this all the time from Starbucks, and even when they are out of sugar free hazelnut and they use the one with sugar the hazelnut is not over powering. I actually wondered if she put chocolate in the drink. I threw that one out.

When I got home from lunch which was good, I tried to edit, yeah the pups weren’t having that. They’d been locked up all morning and wanted attention. It wasn’t until 4 that I got a paragraph edited and after that nothing until 9. My day was shot and not much to show for it.

Today is raining like I said, and I’m not sure how much will get done, its so dreary that I don’t feel like doing anything except read a book. Which I have one I’m reading for the Dolls. It seems never ending, I’m on page 171 (I think) and there are 356 pages (I think) I know the pages numbers are close but may not be spot on. It’s not my normal read but that’s okay, at least its different in how it’s set up.

Well Jax is sitting here staring at me to play attention to him and I need breakfast, so I’ll go and see you tonight “if” I got any work done.

Before I go, there’s a story I’ve been thinking of recreating, but I have to re-read the original and the Grimm versions… I’m thinking of rewriting a Beauty and the Beast story. What do you guys think?