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I’m finally back from Christmas, I know two days was more than enough, ;). I haven’t been slacking on everything just writing in the blog. In fact I’ve been editing Legacy and it’s really coming along. The books I picked up last week are really helping, and I’d taking out the fillers that Legacy doesn’t need. I haven’t re-recorded yet, but I may have enough to do that next week. I’m hoping to get thru Chapter 3. I’m on Two now and I think I’m almost done with it.

The three books that I’ve been using besides a dictionary, are The Big Book of Words You Should Know, Random House Webster’s grammar, usage, and punctuation, and last but not least The Author’s toolkit.  If you’re a writer and you haven’t looked at these, you should.

During my break I’ve also been working on obtaining some new books to review for PBD and my reviews. I’ve picked up a few that I think will be promising, plus I have two that PBD has asked me to read as well. I can’t tell you when the reviews will be posted, I just downloaded a few of the books last night and I have another one to add that I got today. I’ll keep you post though.

On another note, I’ve updated the book review page and article page, so if you missed the post from PBD you can read them here. I know I still owe you guys some recipes and I promise they are coming, I’ve just had a lot of writing material pop in my head and I want to get it all on paper/computer.

My winter toe socks collection is finished so you won’t see any more toe sock pictures, I know the socks are a little crazy but they are comfy. And cute.