Kim has her tatoos out

Kim Harrison

Yesterday the stamp with the instructions for the tattoo freebie came in, so of course I had to try it out to make sure that the ink from the stamp did not interfere with the ink of the actual tattoo.  As you can see here, it didn’t, so I spent all of last night stamping the backs of half of them.  🙂  The things they never tell you you’re going to have to do when you become a bestseller . . .  Stamp the back of temporary tattoos?

If you want one of these babies for yourself, send me a SASE.  We still have a great selection of sizes of Tour T’s, as well.  Remember, the last day to order and have a excellent chance of having them before Christmas is the 15th.

It snowed last night, and we might get lake-effect for the rest of the day.  That would…

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