First off my house is empty again, my mom has returned home, after three days of shopping. Yes three days, and I don’t like to shop. We had fun, and we got christmas taken care of. Woo hoo, now if I was only finished shopping. But that’s another story.

Tonight I’m actually blogging one becuase I haven’t in three day, but more importantly becauas of people on facebook. I’m upset really for my, she had to find out about her brother passing today, on facebook. That is so not cool. Hell I found out though a family email, and thought that wasn’t cool. Mind you the email wasn’t sent from any of my cousins it was sent from a family member that does our family newsletter. I understand that my mom and some of her siblings didn’t keep in touch, my mom was from my grandpa’s second wife, he married grandma after his first wife passed, but still he was her brother. Mom should have gotten notified by someone either by phone or personal email, before it went out to everyone in the newsletter or facebook. This isn’t the first time this has happened, when one oc her sisters passed we found out the same way. For my mom’s other sister facebook is how we learn she’s in the hospital. Family doesn’t need to learn about death or hospitalization from facebook or newsletter emails. Siblings should be told before extended family and friends, it doesn’t matter if they haven’t seen or spoken to one another, it’s rude otherwise.

Okay that’s my rant, sorry. Hope everyone has had a wickedly awesome week so far.