Carrie Vaughn’s Kitty’s Greatest Hits

Let me start by saying Kitty’s Greatest Hits is a collection of short stories from the Kitty Norville Series. Some of the stories we have seen in different anthologies that Carrie has been involved with and some are new. None of the stories are vital to the series, so you don’t have to read them, but you will miss out on getting to know Carrie’s characters a little better if you don’t. Kitty’s Greatest Hits has thirteen hits within its pages and while I’m not going to review all thirteen short stories I’ll at least give you a taste or tease, J about who’s in the story and if it falls in the time line.

“Il Est Ne” – Is about Kitty helping another werewolf in the aftermath of Kitty Goes to Washington and before the events of Kitty Takes a Holiday.

“A Princess of Spain” – This is not a Kitty story and I’m not sure where it falls within the Kitty series. It does have a vampire who plays a part in a historical story involving Catherine of Spain and King Henry VIII.

“Conquistador de la Noche” – This is all about Rick, who never wants to tell Kitty is history, so now we get to learn a little.

“The Book of Daniel” – Not a book about Kitty but it does tie in to the Kitty series if you think about it, this takes place in Babylonia and we have seen weres and a vampire who were trying to bring back the culture.

“The Temptation of Robin Green” – This is the first Vampire testing centers and one of Carrie’s first Kitty stories, Rick is in this one but it’s not really the Rick we know though Rick is the name she used.

“Looking After Family” – This is a young Cormac and Ben story. This takes place after Cormac has to come live with Ben’s family when Cormac’s father dies.

“God’s Creatures” – This is another Cormac story, in this one Cormac is hunting a werewolf and it takes him to the most unlikely of places a Catholic Reform School and Church.

“Wild Ride” – Here we have T.J.’s story and how he became a werewolf. T.J. was Kitty’s best friend in Kitty and the Midnight Hour.

“Winnowing the Herd” – Kitty’s life before she started the Midnight Hour, it’s a good thing she came out of the supernatural closet.

“Kitty and the Most Pit of the Damned” – Kitty goes to a club gig to get interviewed with a band whose concerts are hell on fans.

“Kitty’s Zombie New Year” – Kitty attends a party with Zombies. Carrie does a twist on zombies.

“Life Is the Teacher” – Here we look at Emma’s story as she explores what happened to her after the events in Kitty Goes to Washington.

“You’re on the Air” – Kitty gets a call from a vamp that’s been down on his luck, from Kitty and the Silver Bullet.

“Long Time Waiting” – The story we’ve been waiting for, this is Cormac’s story from prison and where we meet Amelia.

As you can see most of the stories fall within the realm of the Kitty universe, but they are all standalone stories. And it was great getting to know some of Rick’s history and seeing in side Cormac’s methodical head (as scary as that may sound). So if you love the Kitty series as much as I do this is a must read.

Until next time have a wickedly awesome Thanksgiving and see you on my next flight.