So I’m still slacking on my post this week, and I’m sorry for that. My step-mom & step-brother visited for about four days. They arrived Thursday and left Sunday night, so we had a fairly long visit and some fun, too. We saw the Morris Island Lighthouse, checked out Halls Chophouse, Hominy Grill and of course went to Meeting Street (shopping). We piled a lot in during their stay. Monday I had a headache, again. My mother in law arrived Monday night and now we get to start all over again.

I’m about to start working on a quilt for Flyboy and also my step-mom. They are going to be T-shirt quilts, but I’ve never worked a sewing machine or quilted before, so this should be interesting. Hopefully I do an okay job. 😉

With so much time being spent with family, I haven’t written, edited or done anything remotely close my writing. Flyboy was suppose to read Legacy while he was on his last trip, but he hasn’t said anything about it yet. Hopefully he had time.

Other news, Thankful week is still going on over at PBD, and my article will be up this week, so stop be check mine out and also we what the Dolls are thankful for. They had a few authors lined up for Thankful week as well and their post are pretty interesting, so stop by and get to know the Dolls and maybe some authors you haven’t read.