Kim Harrison

Not much going on this Friday.  I’d like to bug out early from the office for some errands, but I think I’ll be sitting there until my usual time.  I’ve got a sticky spot in the work today that I need to iron out.  Things are moving forward, but I’ve got two ways I can do the next part, and they both have equal appeal.

Voting is still going on at Goodreads for their favorite read of 2011.  Pale Demon has come through and made it through the opening rounds in the paranormal fantasy category, and Blood Work is over in the graphic novel category, having been bumped up from a write-in to a real contender!  Thank you everyone who’s voted in the opening round.  We are in the preliminaries, now, where they are weeding down to the best ten in each category.  It’s been fun seeing them move forward…

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